Brainstorm‘s MIA Awards celebrate portrayal of mental health and innovative solutions to a wide range of social issues in print, broadcast, the arts, digital media & social enterprise. Brainstorm organizes these awards to recognize and reward inspirational individuals and non-profits who act and report courageously, responsibly, creatively & sensitively.
Nominees and Winners are chosen on the basis of quality of application, creative merit, production values and impact on communities and global society by our panel of judges.
NOTE: Due to the high volume of nominations and verification requirements, you cannot nominate yourself for an award in any category.

To Nominate an individual for a Brainstorm Award, you need to be able and willing to provide the following information:

  1. Your name and contact details (email/ phone/ profession/ nationality/ personal and/ or company websites)
  2. Name of Nominee and your Nominee’s contact details
  3. Your Nominee’s CV
  4. Details of previous awards, press interviews and media links. (Do not include indiscriminate links that either do not mention the Nominee by name, or are not substantially focused on the Nominee’s work.)
  5. Up to FIVE (no fewer than TWO) formal letters of support from relevant individuals and organizations that specifically relate to the content you include in your Nomination.
NOTE: Entries that contain missing information will not be considered, regardless of the quality of the application, or the contribution and attributes of the Nominee.

What to include in your Letter of Nomination:

Please tell us how your Nominee has contributed in their area of activity. We are looking for people who:
  1. Have changed things, with an emphasis on practical achievement;
  2. Have demonstrated innovation and entrepreneurship;
  3. Are examples of the best sustained and selfless voluntary service;
  4. Have delivered in a way that has brought distinction locally and globally.
Please describe the benefits resulting from your Nominee’s service to a particular field, area, group, community or humanity.
1. What has their impact been?
2. How wide is their influence?
3. What are their achievements? (Provide detail on what your Nominee has achieved which really makes them stand out.)
Are others giving a similar service to that of the Nominee? State YES/ NO.
If YES, what makes the Nominee and his/ her contribution stand out from such people?
Please list any other ways in which the Nominee’s contribution has been widely recognized (for example, in the media, by awards, by professional/ community groups or by local government).
Please attach any documents providing evidence of that recognition (for example, newspaper clippings, media links).
Please obtain up to SIX formal letters of support (company headed, signed and chopped), which endorse the Nominee’s contribution from individuals & organizations that are familiar with the Nominee’s work. Please list their names and attach the letters in your submission.
1. Supporter’s Name
2. Role in which the Supporter has known the Nominee
3. Dates that the Supporter has known the Nominee
Nominee’s Title:
Nominee’s Surname:
Nominee’s Forenames:
Nominee’s Email Address:
(This will be used for any future correspondence.)
Nominee’s Telephone number: (Including country code and area code if land line number.)
Your Relationship to the Nominee: (e.g. colleague, friend…)
You must declare “The information I have provided is accurate and complete.” Providing false information will lead to your Nominee being removed from consideration.
Sign your signature (in ink), scan copies of your nomination and all supporting documentation, date it, and submit to us via email. Write “Awards: Nomination” and the Nominee’s name in the subject line of your email.
Good luck!