Brainstorm Films

Brainstorm assists in the development, post-production, distribution and marketing of DARING, INGENIOUS & ENTERTAINING films with a bold social purpose.

The company places paramount importance on discovering and nurturing new talent and by brokering mutually beneficial relationships between established and emerging filmmakers, film buyers and broadcasters. In order to provide our staple of filmmakers with the best showcase, we also host our own film festival.


BROKERS deals between filmmakers, film buyers & broadcasters.

RAISES funding through strategic alliances with film bodies and trusts.

PROVIDES strategic and practical support to filmmakers who share our passion, vision and enthusiasm.

CREATES a platform for films to be screened, marketed and distributed.

SHOWCASES local and international films through its own film festival.


Show your support for our community of filmmakers by attending one of our screenings, seminars or workshops!


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