Dr. Barry Connell

Advisor Dr. Barry Connell MBBS (London) M Soc Sci MRCPsych FHKCPsych FHKAM (Psychiatry) first arrived in Hong Kong in 1989 when he was working as a military psychiatrist for the British Army. He left the army for a private practice in the summer of 1990, treating Hong Kong’s wealthy circles and business entrepreneurs for the next 11 years. He then decided to take a career break and left Hong Kong for Europe to pursue different interests, appearing as an expert on Channel 4 in the UK and training as a chef in Paris.

Eleven years later, he returned to Hong Kong, and the medical field, treating patients at the Central Health Medical Practice. As an expert, Barry’s not shied away from controversial topics like Why Psychopaths Make Good Business Leaders. He’s a regular talking head with the Hong Kong and international media and been a guest on creative director Sadie Kaye’s RTHK documentaries Bipolar Express & As Bad As It Gets.

Barry has been active in mental health charities throughout his career, sitting on boards and offering medical advice to Mind and the Black Dog Institute, as well as to Bipolar Hong Kong and Mental Ideas.